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Biking provides a no-impact workout powered by pedaling, a motion very familiar to many people, making it very easy to perform properly. Also, as our population ages, this form of exercise is an important option for exercise facilities to provide because of its low risk of strain or injury. Our commercial bikes are easy to understand, enjoyable to use, and appealing to look at.

Value comes from: Strong construction, Simple to use, Easy to maintain

Exercisers find value in those things as well as these: Intuitive controls, Comfortable, natural workouts, Personalization and program variety

Whether you want an upright bike, a recumbent, or both, Intenza understands that, above all, you want value.

USB inserted in the Intenza Recumbent Bike 550RBi Monitor
Seat Adjuster for the Intenza Recumbent Bike 550RBi


Product Features
InCare™InCare™ automatically detects when service is needed and sends service diagnostic via USB.
USB ConnectivityFor customised workout, workout results, personal settings, InCare™, manual software upgrade
Uni-Dial Navigation Control ™Uni-Dial Navigation Control ™ provide a complete access and control of user interface features and settings with the convenience.
C-SAFE connectivityStandard C-SAFE connectivity facilitates data transfer
Custom Settings(1) display unit: Km or Mile (2) buzzer sound: on or off
When USB is detected, users may customise (1) name (2) display unit (3) age (4) gender (5) weight (6) buzzer
Smart machine will automatically prioritise personalised settings and workout routine when USB is detected
BiomechanicsSeat adjustment precisely angled and 1/2" incremental seat position allows user from 147cm(4'9") to 193cm(6'5") to adjust seat height for correct knee over pedal spindle position to endure correct lower body biomechanics to reduce pressure on knees and enhance rider comfort. Rachet design for quick and easy seat height adjustment.
SeatElegant and intuitive, Intenza bike seats are designed to adjust easily using only one hand, left or right, in a seated position, for a refreshingly comfortable exercise experience.
Seat AdjustmentYes
HandlebarsErgonomically designed handlebar with integrated elbow support for maximum comfort in racing position
PedalsErgonomic oversized pedals with grip and integrated straps for quick adjustments and pedaling comfort
Meets European EN957-5 standards for pedal safety bringing confidence to exercisers and facility owners alike
BearingsHigh performance bottom bracket assembly with precision sealed ball bearing for exceptional performance
FrameRobust frame structure designed to ensure stability and durability.
Low cross over design allows for ease of getting on and off the bike.
Aluminum components create visual appeal and durability against corrosion
Accessories Holder(s)Yes
Transport WheelsYes
Maximum User Weight181 kg (400 lb.)
User Height Range147 to 193 cm (49 to 65 in.)
Resistance Range40 / 7 Watts (level 1 at 20 RPM) / 640 Watts (level 40 at 150 RPM)
Dimensions & Weight
(L x W)
160 x 70 cm (63 x 28 in.)
Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
160 x 70 x 124 cm (63 x 28 x 49 in.)
Product Net Weight101 kg (222 lb.)
Shipping Dimensions
(L x W x H)
169 x 38x 101 cm (67 x 15 x 40 in.)
Shipping Weight110 kg (242 lb.)



With the heaviest construction in the industry, Intenza products are a testament to quality and performance. The 550RBi Recumbent Bike is a worthy addition to any facility looking to upgrade its cardio offerings.

  • Robust frame structure ensures strength and durability
  • Meets European EN957-5 standards for pedal safety bringing confidence to exercisers and facility owners alike
  • 242lbs. (110kg) total weight provides stable, comfortable workouts.

Endurance is needed not just for exercise. Endurance is needed for exercise equipment itself. Commercially, fitness equipment can face unrelenting use often in less-than-ideal conditions. The value in high quality equipment comes from the ability to perform in heat, humidity, and repeated impact hour after hour, day after day, looking good all the while.

That’s endurance. That’s value. That’s the 550RBi.

  • Self-powered, 3-phase, hybrid generator and belt drive system provide consistent performance, smoothly and quietly. Minimal maintenance is performed quickly and easily
  • Bottom bracket assembly with precision sealed ball bearings sustain, already exceptionally smooth, performance
  • Aluminum components preserve the premium look of the machine, and your facility, by resisting rust and corrosion even in humid environments.
Comfort Fit™ Features

An Intenza i Series bike complements the natural motions of the human body. Comfort and stability are keys to achieving fitness goals therefore Intenza bikes are ergonomically designed for optimum comfort and minimum distraction, helping exercisers to stay on their bike and finish their workout.

  • The frame’s low cross over design allows for ease of getting on and off the bike
  • Multi-function handlebar with integrated contact heart rate and resistance adjustment buttons are easy to use while working out
  • Elegant and intuitive, Intenza bike seats are designed to adjust easily using only one hand, left or right, in a seated position, for a refreshingly comfortable exercise experience.
  • Ergonomic seat back designed with ventilation, lumbar support, and saddle provides long-lasting comfort and positioning for even the most rigorous workouts
  • Incremental seat adjustment accommodates exercisers from heights of 4’9” (147cm) to 6’5” (193cm)
  • Ergonomic oversized pedals with grip and integrated straps for quick adjustments and pedaling comfort
  • Water bottle and accessory shelf keep personal items neatly stored within reach
  • Accommodates users weighing up to 181kg (400lbs).


Easy To Learn

The cardio equipment people are most likely to use is the cardio equipment they are most comfortable with – where the learning curve is low and their confidence is high.

  • i Series bikes, treadmills, and elliptical trainers, share the same console – eliminating the learning curve between machines and giving exercisers the confidence to explore new workout options.
  • Straightforward access to all workouts and programming with Intenza’s exclusive Uni-Dial Navigation Control TM – simply turn and press a single dial
  • Users have a complete understanding of the console after only a few minutes of exploring it.
Easy To Enjoy

Bikes are, for most people, quite easy to use or to learn and, even though Intenza bikes are engineered to exacting performance standards, they remain easy to use. We strive for design that is logical, understandable and, most importantly, usable.

  • Easy-on, easy-off access with low crossover design
  • Facility operators can preset maximum usage times during peak hours – so everybody gets a chance to enjoy the Intenza machines.
  • Large, 18-character LED message center provides a clear visual of all information needed including:
  • Heart rate, resistance level, time, RPM, calories, watts, distance, speed, workout summary, and workout profile.
  • 40 resistance levels 7 watts minimum (level 1 at 20 RPM), 640 watts maximum (level 40 at 150 RPM
  • OptiTrain™ fitness modes sustain the challenge without the guesswork
  • Bike mode allows users to workout at a fixed resistance level regardless of pedal speed.
  • Power mode allows users to workout at a fixed workload measured in Watts so pedal speed adjusts resistance.
  • Download workout results easily to USB for work rate analysis and performance training purposes.
Easy To Personalise

Keep exercisers engaged using Intenza’s fresh approaches to communicating with them, encouraging healthy competition, and supporting goal achievement with these I-series features:

  • USB feature allows users to customize workouts, save personal preferences, track workouts, and view their progress from any Intenza cardiovascular machine.
  • When a USB is detected, users can customize name, display unit, age, gender, weight, and buzzer sounds.
  • Smart machine will also automatically prioritize customized user preferences when USB is inserted
  • Race programs offering fun challenges by racing against existing champions in 1K, 2K, or 4K races
  • Fitness tests determine individual’s fitness level based on VO2 max standards
  • Seven custom user programs can be saved to USB for future use on any Intenza machine anywhere in the world
  • Six preset programs: Hill, Interval, Weight Loss, Cross Train, Step by Step, and Strength
  • Three target programs: Time (10-99 minutes), Distance (1-99 km), or Calories (10-2500 cals)
  • Four heart rate control programs in constant power mode: Constant HRC, Interval HRC, Hill HRC, Cardio HRC
  • QuickStart option
  • Choose between kilometers and miles

Two options to monitor cardio output:
InZone™ heart rate monitoring works through Intenza’s straightforward Uni-Dial to display target heart rates in visual, colour-coded lights allowing exercisers to adjust their intensity accordingly. Heart rate is monitored one of two ways:

  1. “Polar-made” telemetry heart rate monitoring system allows exercisers using Polar or Polar-compatible chest belts to interact with the console for custom workouts and readings based on age and weight.
  2. For exercisers without Polar or Polar-compatible belts, contact sensors provide digital heart rate readings in both upright training and racing positions.


Environmentally Friendly
  • Meets European Directive 2013 ErP Standards for EcoDesign for reducing environmental impact and energy consumption throughout its lifetime.
  • Smart energy saving system. Cordless machines. Users activate and operate console without peddling
  • Self-powered hybrid generator delivers a consistent and powerful performance

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