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Why the Escalate 550™ Series Adjustable Step Height Climber?

Introducing the Escalate 550™ Series Climber: A step above.

For over 20 years, climbing exercisers have been regaled as one of the most efficient ways to build lower body strength and enhance cardio respiratory fitness. The benefits are undeniable, but the target demographic has always been limited. Until now. Introducing the Intenza Escalate 550™ Series, the world’s first-ever adjustable-step-height climber.

The Escalate 550™ Series Climber opens up the world of climbing exercise to users at every fitness level. Our revolutionary Smart StepHeight Technology allows users to choose between 20 unique step-height variations. Whether you want to regain joint flexibility post-surgery, ease back into a workout routine, or push yourself to your physical limits, the 550Ce lets you fine-tune the intensity of your workout to align with your unique cardiovascular and range-of-motion goals.

As with every product in the Intenza Collection, the Intenza 550 Series is true to its Intenza DNA– thoughtfully designed, beautifully refined, and exquisitely executed.

Watch the Escalate 550™ Series video now. Be sure to check back for even more to come on the Escalate™ Climber including features and specifications.

Achieve, climb, perservere, escalate!

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