Intenza Cardio Gym Equipment

Made without compromise

Modeled after the auto industry’s most innovative production practices, Intenza builds to exacting ISO standards in an environmentally exceptional factory – not because it’s easy – because our customers and partners deserve Best In Class cardio equipment.

We share all we do because we want all to see how we build things and why we build them the way we do. We want to set a higher standard, raise the bar, set the curve. We want to show the fitness industry how it, too, can be a responsible global citizen without sacrificing product quality or value. Intenza equipment is made without compromise. No detail is too small and no process is “too much” when it comes to setting a new gold standard for overall customer satisfaction.

Inspiring change is not easy but we endeavor to achieve it by embracing the right way of doing business by opening doors, opening minds, and looking toward tomorrow.

The Intenza Difference

Superior Structural Integrity

  • Used in the auto industry since the 1960s, robotics are known to enhance productivity, security and reliability thereby reducing price and delivery time
  • Time efficient
  • High quality weld
  • Flexible capabilities not found with other fitness equipment manufacturers
  • Fast and efficient transitions between welds

Beautifully Painted Finishes, Formulated to Last

  • Two coats for added durability
  • Streamlined production: 10 minute color changeover speeds production process
  • Solvent-free and fume-free, healthy for the environment and employees.
  • Every bike, treadmill and elliptical is flawlessly powder-coated for a durable, long-lasting finish which maintains its beauty even after years of constant activity

Rust and Corrosion Free

  • Performed prior to powder-coating
  • As automakers do, steel frames are dipped in a highly protective solution eliminating rust and deterioration caused by damp environments
  • This process is called Electrophoretic Deposition (ED)
  • Prevents corrosion on all sides of steel
  • Ensures highest standard of long term paint quality
  • Highly-protective to equipment appearance

Safety Above All Else

  • Waterproof electrical components
  • Intelligently chosen features, such as silicone electrical connectors, keep your Intenza machine outperforming the competition for years to come
  • Provides safe and consistent electrical function
  • Easily handles prolonged, extreme use

Watch Your Order Being Built in Real-Time On Our Live Stream From the Production Floor

  • Part of our personal commitment to overall quality
  • One-piece flow: watch as we assemble any category of product – one unit at a time across six stations – this means no downtime when switching models – just like in the auto industry
  • Each machine is built, top to bottom, by its own dedicated employee, a true expert on your order, cross-trained to each assembly need
  • Full traceability: we track who supplied every part, which employee installed it, and what specs were followed for every order
  • A veritable Birth Certificate for your machine
  • Your complete satisfaction is our goal

Final Testing and Packaging

  • Every product is fully assembled and tested for proper functionality prior to shipping
  • “Burn-in testing” simulates periods of extended use and is a final confirmation that all components operate as intended
  • Packaging material and structure is designed to International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) standards
  • Integrity of the packaging design is tested using two different ISTA benchmarks: one test evaluates vibration tolerance and the other evaluates strength
  • Your order ships only after quality conformance is validated and confirmed at all stages of the production lifecycle.

Quality control practices are rigorous and ongoing from initial fabrication to final delivery to you.